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Perhaps you walk into a wedding banquet and suddenly your gaze happens to fall on a beauty perfectly carrying herself up in a bright looking colorful saree and you start wondering what it is that makes her look so charming. A woman is God's best creation and all of them look awesome in sarees but there is a unique class of cotton sarees that aid a lot more elements to their beauties. The Bomkai sarees. Ever heard of that name? Well, read on and you will find out why that lady of aura in the beautiful saree attracted you the other day and left you wondering.
    Bomkai Sarees take origins from the Bomkai village of the Ganjam district. Later these were introduced in the Sonepur district and presently the Bhulia community is solely into weaving these sarees. 

   Bomkai sarees can be well identified because of the beautiful thread interlocking design across the pallu and unique motifs across the body. A single look is enough to fall in love with these sarees even if you are not a die hard saree lover. The appearance of the Bomkai saree is it's simplicity and the tribal touch that gives the ethnic vibe

   The whole world awaited eagerly to witness what Aishwarya Rai would be wearing in her wedding to the Bachaan heir. As she walked out in her gracefully knitted Bomkai saree the whole world went crazy over her looks and everyone was talking about the Sarees she wore. Do you know the Bomkai Silk saree she wore to her 'Saat-phere' was called 'Radhakunja' and was crafted specially for her by a Meher family from Odisha.
The Bomkai saree she wore contributed definitely to her gorgeousness that day.
There are a lot of fashion designers working in the B-town today implement Bomkai sarees from time to time in their shows and they themselves love to wear them. That really makes us proud as Odias and specifically hailing from the very places these Bomkai sarees come to life.
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