How Sambalpuri Cotton sarees are suitable for all seasons


How Sambalpuri cotton sarees are suitable for all seasons

           Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is a vibrant and culturally diverse state. We celebrate various holidays, each with its own set of rituals. A lovely saree is the most usual attire for any occasion. Whether it's a holiday, a wedding, or a birthday party, the women of Odisha are always on the lookout for a new, brighter saree. But it's the sambalpuri cotton sarees that are the greatest & widely used . You don't have to worry about sweatiness or stink if you wear it from dawn to evening throughout the year. These sarees are smooth, airy, comfortable and suitable for all seasons. It is a little less expensive and has excellent fabric quality. That is why so many people prefer this sambalpuri cotton saree.  Sambalpuri pasapali Saree   Sambalpuri handloom fabrics

 About Urmiweaves:

           Urmiweaves is one of the greatest sambalpuri saree online shopping sites presently working with more than 250 weavers across western odisha . This is just one little step they have taken to support weavers in promoting sustainable development and making their art and imagination more popular throughout India and beyond.


 About Sambalpuri cotton saree:

           The Sambalpuri Sarees are one of  the most beautiful Indian attire and quite popular all around the world because of their intrinsic motifs, elegant design, amazing color combination and premium quality fabric .They are made in Western Odisha, primarily in the districts of Sonepur, Bargarh, Sambalpur, Boudh, and Balangir. Sambalpuri Ikat or Sambalpuri Bandha, Sambalpuri Bomkai, and Sambalpuri Saptapar are the three principal varieties of handloom sarees offered in Odisha producing more than 30,000 unique designs every year giving a large variety options to the customer. The Sambalpuri Sarees are hand-woven down to the last thread. The most important part is the entire process of weaving a saree is done by hand. Weavers follow tie-and-dye process for creating designs. This technique also provides Odisha's sarees a distinct identity.

sambalpuri saree      sambalpuri cotton saree

 From field to Customer journey:

          Because no two tissues are the same, likewise every handloom saree is a beautiful and distinctive tissue. Naturally, the outcome is determined by the weaver's skill. Thus the weavers use their experience & creativity with the traditional tie-and-dye process and create a unique design saree for  their customers. It takes a long time to make a whole complete saree some times upto 6 months and the end product become more precious than pure gold. In every part of the saree, you can feel the unique touch of the weavers, which makes Sambalpuri saree most beautiful and popular all over the world.


 Advantages of  Sambalpuri cotton saree.

           Sambalpuri cotton sarees are very popular. From day to night, these sarees complete a woman's look with comfortness. The cotton saree material is gentle on the skin, making it quite appealing and functional for the wearer. So here are some more indepth details of the advantage of  the sambalpuri cotton saree.

sambalpuri cotton saree  sambalpuri saree white

 Trendy Unique designs and Motifs

          The delicate of Sambalpuri Saree  includ a variety of  processes including the the traditional tie-dye technique, some of the masterpiece sarees are sold in lakhs because of its pricey cloth material, natural color and upmost quality workmanship, making it one of the most expensive in India however regular premium quality cotton saree starts from 3000 onwards.


          Sambalpuri Cotton sarees are always high in demand  because they are less expensive and have more effective measures. We must have stronger fabric and much more appropriate apparel in our day-to-day wear to fit the skin condition. The huge demand for sambalpuri cotton sarees is due to this. There are also numerous cotton saree collections from which to find the best one for you.

 Completely skin-friendly

            A dermatologist will always prescribe cotton fabric because it is created naturally and does not contain any chemicals. There is no risk of skin rashes with these sarees because they are breathable. When compared to other saree options, cotton sarees and their designs with the correct compatibility can never match the flexibility. So, when it comes to wearing a cotton fiber saree, make your pick without a doubt.


            A decent saree will last a long period if it is of good quality. Because these sarees are hand-woven by skilled weavers, there is no risk of wear and tear. Even after a decade ,sarees, specially pure weaves, retain the majority of their shine and newness for a long time, with proper care Sambalpuri Cotton sarees can last upto more than 30 years.

 Best choice for the summer season

           Cotton handloom sarees, like Sambalpuri Cotton sarees are a great choice for summer because they are breathable and effective when worn in the heat. No chemical is produced by those who are exposed to sunlight and generate heat. The premium cotton fabric helps keeping the body temperature in a normal range. This natural cloth is quite popular among individuals of all backgrounds. One of the most significant advantages is that there are no dangers of drooping. Cotton allows air to travel through freely while the body retains the essential moisture.

 A large number of collections and options

           Sambalpuri Cotton sarees come in a wide variety of styles. These clean weaves provide one's personality with beauty and style. Every design is unique because of the aesthetic touch of expert weavers with their years of experience. As a result, you have more options to select the ideal one for you.

  sambalpuri cotton saree

 Easy maintenance

            Sambalpuri Cotton Saree cleaning technique is so simple that you may do it yourself. You can also dry clean if you feel it is essential. To keep it in good shape, all it takes is a simple hand or machine wash. Simply clean it after each use and press your saree. Then it's all set for your next party.

 Ready for every occasion

            Wearing a lovely eye-catching Sambalpuri cotton saree to a wedding, reception, birthday party, or any other get-together offers you a confident look. If you're attending a wedding or reception party, you can wear handloom cotton in any vivid hue. So many variety of color combinations can be found on these sarees. These will look excellent when paired with the appropriate accessories. You can accessories with jewelry to create the impression of being one step ahead. Combine your saree with a full-sleeved blouse to bring a touch of nostalgia to your ensemble. If you want a more contemporary style, a sleeveless blouse would complement your lovely cotton saree well, urmiweavs provides free Expert & guide service to its customers through customer loyalty program and help you choose the best one suitable for you.

        sambalpuri pasapali saree            sambalpuri saree


           So here I shared all about sambalpuri cotton sarees are suitable for all seasons. Even you can use that simple designer saree in every occasion also. Visit urmiweaves and check all the wide range of collections and choose the best one for you at most affordable price ever. If you like it you can share it with your friends also.


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